Evangelist Patricia Jenkins

Evangelist Patricia Smoaks Jenkins co-founded Renewed Faith Ministries established in 2009 with her husband and Pastor, Apostle Charlie Jenkins Jr. She was ordained as Pastor and Evangelist in 2010. She is happily married to Apostle Charlie Jenkins Jr.  who serves in the ministry as an Apostle, Pastor and fellow laborer in the vineyard and a mother of three beautiful children. The vision of Apostle Charlie and Patricia Jenkins is to bring spiritual revival and awakening to Allendale County and surrounding areas.

Evangelist Patricia is a woman of compassion, meekness and abounding faith. Accepting Jesus as her Lord and Savior truly changed the course of her life. She believes the love and power of God should be expressed and revealed in our daily lives to transform our lives and others.



Evangelist Patricia began her journey at Greater Faith Ministries, Barnwell, SC.  She served the Body of Christ in many capacities:  assistant in the women ministry, sunday school teacher, health ministry coordinator, prayer warrior and pastor anniversary president.

Evangelist Patricia demonstrates the love of God through the power of humility. Her quiet spirit exemplifies the strength of assurance and trust in our Lord Jesus Christ that encourages others to trust in the Lord and not be moved by negative circumstances.

The vision of Apostle Charlie and Evangelist Patricia Jenkins is that Renewed Faith International Ministries will continue to grow and flourish to become a hub for resources, revelation and greatness both locally and internationally.

“And Jesus looking upon them saith, With men it is impossible, but not with God: for with God all things are possible.” Mark 10:27