Global Connection

God has placed an international anointing and calling upon Apostle Charlie Jenkins, which has opened a door to Africa. This global connection allowed him to extend his hands twice in Gospel Village & Benin City, Nigeria.

Apostle Jenkins took a 21 days journey to Gospel Village in Abak, Nigeria in December of 2010 in which he established covenant connections with several churches under the Leadership of Archbishop Elijah and Princess Edu Mboho. During this visit Apostle Jenkins saw the grave need for resources and financial support to help feed, clothe and shelter orphans of all ages and gender.

In November of 2011 Apostle Jenkins took a second trip to Nigeria to visit Benin City, where he re-established connection with Pastor Isaiah Samking Obamwonyi. After seeing the vision of the Pastor Isaiah and the needs of the people he return home with a renewed commitment to helping children locally and internationally to attain their goals and dreams regardless of the obstacles and challenges that stand in their ways.

Under Apostle Jenkins leadership, he has networked with people from all over USA to help extend a helping hand to the children of Nigeria. RFIM has sent much needed computers and monetary donations to the fellowship of Goodnews International Inc and His Majesty Family Assembly Elim and CGM who are the overseer of these orphanages and ministries that shelter over 1200 children and adults.

Apostle Jenkins has established covenant connections with two orphanage that ministers, clothe, feed, shelter, school and mentor over 1000 children of all ages. The international anointing and Apostle Jenkins’ love for people of all diversity, ethnicity, creed, color, background and all walks of life has granted him an invitation and opportunity to take a missionary trip to the People Republic of China in 2013.